Monday, November 8, 2010

An Independent Voice

This is my initial post to a new blog who's sole purpose is to observe the political landscape in the United States and put many of the contemptuous issues in simple, yet independent terms for those who want to focus on the reality of the issues instead of echoing any talking heads talking points.  The prevailing use of "fair and balanced" seems very unbalanced and doesn't come close to an independent view of "fairness."  The beauty of our present communication methods through the blogsphere is in the ability to have single, independent points of view presented for others to listen to, or not, as they choose.  This blog will mostly focus on hypocrisy in the political process on all sides and asks us to take an independent views of issues that help us come to workable solutions instead of only taking sides. 

Most daily topics will be an attempt to simplify, yet not "dumb down" an issue.  Responses to my blogs, if I get any at all, I am sure will attempt to "label" me one way or the other and I will not shy away from my own opinions here to prevent it, but will always try to see all facets of an issue.   An article by Fareed Zakaria in the November 15th issue of Time Magazine bears reference as he states it well in that all of the tax cut issue is a smoke screen as a political problem, because in reality, and simply it is a MATH problem.  Attacking small things such as subsidizing NPR, or The National Endowment for the Arts simply does not add up.  There must be a reckoning of the defense costs, mostly in the area of waste, that needs to be the real focus.  Social Security entitlements must also be included to be serious about any debt reduction.  The fact that the SS trust fund has been raided continually by both parties to pay for all of our wars (read that as "war on poverty," "war on drugs," Iraq and now Afghanistan) that now comes out as a SS deficit for those that have paid into it for many years, while inexcusable, isn't dealing with the reality of today.  Today we must make some sacrifices, including working until you are 70 if need be before collecting.

Overall though, I would ask that our congressional delegation take a principled stand and take a 10% pay cut, and then have the Congressional Budget Office oversee any future pay raises based on the Cost of Living, only drawing a pension for the length of time equivalent to their "service," and have the same health care options as they have provided for the rest of the country in the health plan overhaul.  If this requires a constitutional change in order to be enacted, this is where one of the Tea Party activists can show a positive stand for what they are for instead of what they are against and I would applaud their efforts.  .